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Illinois Settlement question
After almost 4 years after the injury, I got a settlement offer from the wc insurance. It is low in my opinion, and they want me to pay for some of the medical bills.

I was attacked at work, thrown around by the head for 20 minutes, and sustained spine and neck injuries and a bad concussion (blacking out). It took 2 big guys to get him off me. The injury isn't disputed, there is a tape of it.
I can't do criminal (I would have gotten victims compensation if could) bc it was a 17 year old with disabilities.

For the first 16 months I was too out of it to do any proactive to help myself, but had gotten a lawyer. They have proven to not be any good, but I had signed something saying if I fired them I would still have to pay their fee.
No one else has wanted to really deal with the case anyway re: previous lawyer.

So, the settlement is set at 1% of man...does that even make sense? High neck pain will be for life, can't lift more than a certain amount, memory loss, back issues, ptsd. Settlement offer was for 6,000. less lawer fees, and some medical.

My original lawyer quit the firm, and I got some other guy, who barely talks to me. He called to inform me of a hearing (after I had gone downtown 3 other times for hearings, where the opposing side didn't show up so was cancelled) a mere 2 hours bf was happening. So they had a pre-hearing without me. Of course they said with a trial / hearing, could be offered even less.

I don't know what to do! There seems to be no place to go for advice, but other lawyers, who aren't interested.
You can’t judge whether the offer Is high or low unless/until you know how settlements are figured and/or know the value of cases with similar evidence. No matter what you think about the offer Or the facts Of the claim its all about what you can prove and the persuasive quality of your evidence.
If you are convinced you have strong evidence to support a higher amount, ask for a trial and let the judge decide on your benefits.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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