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1171 - Question for you..
No I haven't heard a thing from Comp, Carrier or Lawyer since last month...

Question is, if the Judge has already said TWICE that if an MRI is done on my injury, Carrier does not have to pay it and he sided with them and the case for MRI is closed...  So if my surgeon sends in the C4 form for that MRI like my lawyer wants him to, and said MRI is approved, does that mean Carrier still doesn't have to pay it?  Or is it coming out of my pocket?

I see my surgeon this Friday 11th and will be bringing both the paper from Judge stating he sides with Carrier and the paper from lawyer on how he wants that stupid form filled out..

And from what I know, lawyer submitted for a hearing on unpaid bills and to close out medical and he set the number pretty high...

Thanks for any help...
Under those facts Unless you have other coverage you would likely be liable.
Sounds like he will use use it for negotiating leverage.
Saw your PM i am unable to respond to them. This site still has a number of glitches.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Yeah... Calif Help can't do PM's either....

Thanks for the help... I'll just show my surgeon the Judge's decision and what my lawyer wants done and leave it up to him.. But will tell him I can't afford it out of pocket...
Well, showed surgeon the Comp decision from last 2 hearing about MRI.. He looked through my file again and asks us if they are going by the last one done in 2014.. I said yes... Shakes his head and wonders if the Judge ever saw the dates on the MRI.... But says he will fill out the C4 AND add on everything that's new just by asking and put on the form the date of my last MRI and that's not showing things that are wrong in 2019....

Now to email my lawyer and up date his rear.....

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