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Concussion - PA

My husband suffered a concussion while at a job site and has been on Workman's Comp for almost 6 months now. He is still sensitive to light, loud noises, and sudden movements. Yet his doctor told him he should start driving (locally, like no farther than down the street or in an empty parking lot) and go back to work for 2 hours a day (even though he hasn't driven since the accident). He also still has neuro and physical therapy that the doctor wants him to go to on top of going back to work if possible.
I've been driving him to his appts (my company has been super flexible with me working odd hours) but I won't be able to take off more time to take him to/from work which is a 20 minute drive from where we live. Any comments/idea are welcome on where we can go from here. Thanks.
Transportation to & from work is a difficult benefit for comp to accept.
Your husband might try getting the physician to prescribe and put in their report that the patient requires transportation assistance during his recovery and transition back to full employment.
Worker convenience is not directly stated as a benefit under comp laws and many carriers/ employers will be reluctant to provide it.
If your husband has legal representation, they might be particular aware of caselaw tha may require it.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Please, please, please get an attorney. Head injuries even if mild concussions can have severe consequences. It`s been six month and sounds like he is not ready to work. Workers comp doctors will do everything to push him back to work. I got hit in a head by a falling 80 lbs object. Workers comp doctor sent me back to work 3 weeks later for 2 hours with no other restrictions. Well that did not quite work out.....2 years later I`m still unable to make recovery....
My point is transportation is not the biggest concern here. Will he be actually able to work? Cause they will push it to 4 and 6 hours really fast ...trust me. If he can make recovery and return to work fast that`s the best outcome. However if not you need to find a good attorney who will find you good doctors and fight for you. I wish your husband full and speedy recovery

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