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Worker comp nightmares
I'm new to this forum but not new to wc. My story is long. In May 2016 I fell at work onto my right shoulder. I tore rotator cuff severely and had surgery in Sept 2016. They didn't fight it at at all. I was out of work 5 weeks. When I went back and couldn't use the right arm I hurt the left arm lifting a heavy chart with left arm. I filled out accident report and went to occupational health for 3 months. They did an MRI and it showed tendonitis. They said it would slowly get better and discharged me. It didn't get better and 6 months later I asked to see my ortho for it. That's when the hassles began. I got a lawyer. The ortho did another MRI in sept 2017 which showed partial tear. My neck also hurt which he said was shoulder but he ordered a cervical MRI. Wc denied, not part of original injury, my ortho sent me to a spine specialist to get MRI covered. It finally got approved and showed mild cervical arthritis. The 2nd md told me it was nothing, join gym and go swimming. I did, it hurt shoulder but he told me to push it. In Feb 2018 my arm was swollen. I went back to original surgeon, he said bicep ruptured but he couldn't fix it. Over next several months it got worse. My surgeon recommended surgery but wc sent me for 2 ime's. Both ime's agreed I needed surgery so after 4 months it got approved. I had surgery on my left in Aug 2018. I got ok'k to go back to work at 12 weeks. I have permanent restrictions on right, no lifting over 10 lbs, no overhead reaching, ect. I couldn't lift at all with left then. Work kept me out another 6 weeks to investigate whether they could cover restrictions. I almost lost my job but they let me back. I went back and have been very careful. Back when I had surgery I fell at a week post op out of bed, in sling onto arm. I was honest, I told me and lawyer. Md said sling saved me and bruising was in wrong spot for damage to surgery. So all this time I was doing pt. In Jan of this year my left shoulder started getting worse, I had more pain and less range of motion. I asked my surgeon for pain management. He ordered, they did another ime and that md agreed, pain management was appropriate. It got approved but then we found out no shoulder pain management clinics, they only do backs. So since Jan I've been telling lawyer, pt, wc, my md something wasn't right. My md said keep pushing, no pain no gain, it takes a long time. In may he gave me cortisone injections in bursa and bicep. PT cut me in may, I had plateaued. I literally can't use my arm.In June he said there's nothing he could do, sometimes they don't get better, keep stretching and come back in 3 months. I contacted lawyer and said I want 2nd opinion. He said sure for my piece of mind that nothing is wrong, put under my private insurance and go. He said if the new ortho ordered tests he'd kick it back to wc. The new ortho ordered an MRI. The lawyer said then, put under my insurance and we'll see what it shows. It shows new tear next to surgery site, repair site is ok. New ortho recommended pt, cortisone injection in right place and surgery in 6 weeks. So here I am, out of pocket pt 45 a visit, 90 a week. Co pay for ortho 120 so far. My lawyer who never believed me is getting reports from new ortho and sending them and MRI results to original surgeon for review. Apparently new tear might not be wc. What? I've been complaining for 7 months something was wrong, nobody believed me. And I now believe lawyer should have sent me under wc for 2nd opinion. Lawyer says now if it got hurt in fall way back right after surgery wc will fight. When I fell and told him then he said it would be wc because I fell while on narcotics for wc injury. I can't afford 90 a week for pt, I cant afford surgery or time off. I will lose my job. Last email I got from lawyer said we'll see what original surgeon says, I need to go back to him, he needs to know he messed up ignoring me.
So sorry this is long but that's my nightmare...
keeping a record of dreams and nightmares may help especially if you can get some therapy.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Did the surgery that you first had help you or make you worse? Please get at least one other opinion before having any surgery. Not all tears improve with surgery.

Best to you.
I am not an attorney.Anything I write should not be considered legal advice.I am writing from my own personal experiences,which is not from any sort of legal background. You should consult with an attorney over legal issues. In California, if you cannot get an attorney you can consult with an I&A officer.
(08-10-2019, 05:36 PM)California_Help Wrote: Did the surgery that you first had help you or make you worse? Please get at least one other opinion before having any surgery. Not all tears improve with surgery.

Best to you.
Yes, I had started to get better then got worse.i have a new doc.

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