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File reconsideration, removal or writ
I have not received the judge’s order but it says findings and order on the website.

What should I file to have my case review by someone outside of my local wcab?

I’m appealing base on:
1. The employee handbook does not have my signature or the violation they terminated me for listed into evidence.
2. There’s no evidence I was terminated for cause. There is a separation letter to EDD saying I violated the employee handbook on the date I was terminated. This was 3 months after I was terminated.
3. The HR rep who terminated me testify the procedure I didn’t follow is automatic termination and she was aware of the violation the day after but did not act on it until 40 days after. I was injured a month after the handbook violation in question.
4. There was an internal report dated two weeks before I was injured that did not state I violated any procedure. The HR rep testified that she made her based on the supplemental report which was sent to her 3 days before she terminated me.

I know they won’t release any of the transcript until after the 20th day. Hoe do I get that.

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