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And The Fight Begins.... NY
(09-06-2019, 10:06 AM)tbear6410 Wrote: Well... still waiting for the call back from lawyer... That's getting tiring... I called pain mgmt to ask about the copies of the MRI requests that were put in twice.. Wanted the copies for my records and to show the lawyer.. They tell me the requests were never put in... Ok, then why were we told on my second appt that the first one was denied and she was sending in a second one? No one knows.. Ok, then why were we lied to? No one knows...

I guess no one knows anything....
do you really want to know?
can't you guess by now?
ask yourself: when you call why would they make up an answer and tell you something you are anxious to hear but is untrue at the moment?
it happens all the time by those who constantly deal with the public...
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I see a lot problems with doctors offices not requesting things correctly and/or not requesting things at all and then they blame the insurance carrier. I wonder if a lot of your problem may be the doctors office or a combination of the doctors you are seeing and the insurance carrier. Frustrating, but the result either way is you are not receiving treatment.
I am not an attorney.Anything I write should not be considered legal advice.I am writing from my own personal experiences,which is not from any sort of legal background. You should consult with an attorney over legal issues. In California, if you cannot get an attorney you can consult with an I&A officer.

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