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NYS Section 32 Settlement Question

My brother in law fell in the parking lot at work last year. He hit is head and was admitted to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. He died 4 months later. We filed with workers comp and they have offered a section 32 settlement. The settlement is a lump sum, no medical payments. Our question is can the hospital sue the estate for the outstanding medical bills? My BIL had employer issued insurance and the doctors first filed with workers comp which was denied to to the ongoing case and then they filed with the private insurance and were denied again because they waited too long to file a claim and were denied. A few doctors were able to get paid by the private insurance company because they filed within the 90 day time period. The settlement is small, but the workers comp case was weak. We just don’t want to put the estate in jeopardy for a small settlement if the hospital can sue the estate for a whole lot more in medical bills.

Our attorney thinks there is a small chance that they could come back, but we just don’t know.


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NYS Section 32 Settlement Question - Chin14609 - 05-01-2019, 05:26 PM

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