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Pain clinics are a money making good for nothing..
All they do is drain insurance companies, by letting you come back for shots for pain, and not addressing the real issues at hand.
I went to a pain and spine clinic for the first time yesterday, and was hoping they would do something about my shoulder.spine and neck. An epidural and referral to a surgeon Wrong!! She ( A Nurse practitioner) I never saw the doctor mind you! She looked at MRI report of neck my and told me i just had some narrowing, which it actually states severe on c5-c6. I asked her if I could e-mail the x-rays to give her an insight to the condition I am in before I seen her and I had the chiropractor send her the reports before the appt,She stated the x-rays from the chiropractor of my whole spine tells her nothing! it does not show nerves or anything. Blah blah...
I told her you do not have to be a doctor to visually see that my spine is in bad condition! It is swaying to the left, and I said it looks like a compression fraction or something to me...She was irritated, but I did not give a damn. Case manager was out side waiting to talk to her. Which manager said to me I have a friend who works there a week beforehand.
She also told me my shoulder was as good as it is gonna get, and there was nothing they could do for me. it would now be left up to my shoulder surgeon.
Oh but we can do an epidural when you come back...The secretary set me up for epidural and i'll be damn an appointment for a follow up on my shoulder. I went along with it, but I know better! I will say no more, but you get the idea. I was livid to say the least! Thank you for letting me rant....
Yup , medicine is not so advanced as they try to make people believe. A lot of it is to make the patient think they are being helped while only the docs bank account is getting healthy.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Talk about the corruption in the health care vs workman's comp is a shame!!!

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