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the uk healthcare
Red, Baggy&Pooh and all else that had such experienced words. I agree that cost have really gotten out of hand here in the US. I remember when I was young and older relatives would tell me about how the doctor would make house calls or accept other forms of payment instead of money, but you were always seen. The schools would administer vaccinations when needed and so forth. i do agree that we are too sue happy of a country which drives up malpractice ins, which raises doctors fees and so on. Maybe our country will do something before our grandchildren have to mortgage their homes when they are older just to see a doctor. Just my opinion.
My mom said her birth was paid for with chickens. No dr would do that now. Shoot, they couldn't make a living that way!
My mom's mother gave birth to 12 children and she never had a doctor or a nurse, sometimes just a women to help or it was grandpa for most of them. My dad's mom gave birth to her 13th child just 3 months after I was born and the only one there was her oldest daughter. She delievered them all at home. My mom went to the hospital. She delievered us in the same unit where I delievered my first two children. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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