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the uk healthcare
hi all it has been suggested i discuss out health care and i dont mind at all if any of u have any questions after i will be pleased to answer as best as i can. all our health care is free if you work you still get this free but pay a bit towards your prescriptions and dental and optical care.we do have waiting lists but the max u wait for a operation is 6 months if its urgent however it can be done the same day if need be i here so much about america,s health care and i have to say im horrified of how much u pay for everything it is so wrong we can see our gp the same day if need be and the speacialists here are excellent i guess we are lucky but belive me people still moan about it well im not sure what else u would like to know so please let me know and i will answer all your questions loads of love lizxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Bagel or Liz! I think my first question is how much of your pay do you lose to taxes? Is that how the country provides health care? I have an intro to business class and we were talking about capitalism, socialism, and so forth. Most of the students didn't like the idea of state or country issued health care because they thought they would lose too much pay. My thoughts were if you had most of your health care taken care of and the nation's health care as a whole, why not do it? I guess I was just wondering if you think it really works?
Thanks for your insight!
because it would be a system much like WC...you go to your pcp and must get ok's from the goverment to go any higher...can you imagine all our health care like wc getting ok's for everything.....I dont know about Englands system...but I do know many people from canada come here and pay to see a dr that they cant get in to see there.Their waiting lists are 6-8 months long.....we spent 7 yrs in germany and the hoops they had to jump thru were amazing....the rich went to regular docs and everyone else on the normal healthcare much like a welfare type waited yes there are some good and caring ones but most are those who cant get insurance to practice on their own....Our system need some tweaking but it is better than most have.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Health care has always been a big issue for our family. At one point the monthyl premiinum on our BCBS jumped from $800.00 to $2,500.00 a month, couldn't afford to keep it.

Three members of our family went with a family plan with another company and my disabled daughter was place on an individual policy with BCBS but not before the insurance company refused coverage of my disabled daughter.
Two different tv stations did coverage on my family's struggle to keep our health care coverage.

I testified before a town hall meeting on health care reform about our family's experience and my congressman, Tiahart contacted me and asked me become a member of his medicare task force. I served on this task force for about a year.
We also have Americans going to Mexico and other countries for health care that the US doesn't allow. My step grandmother and aunt are blind from retinitis pigmentosa(?) and there are treatments that have been succesful in other countries, but the US doesn't allow them. I wonder if England and other countries with government health care plans are as strict in what procedures they allow drs to perform?

I'm not saying that I think one way or the other is the best, just looking for answers from experience. Another question is, do the state health care plans work like wc does? Are people thought to be liars? Do they have to fight for treatment or just wait a few months, which a lot of people do anyway?

One point I would like to make for state or country issued health care, is how many people can't afford health insurance and how many don't have jobs that provide health insurance in the US? I had to have both of my children with medical cards. For which I am very thankful, because I would never have been able to pay for the deliveries. Thankfully I didn't need any other assistance. Anyway, I worked for years as a waitress and waitresses generally do not get any type of benefits. I was not able to get a better job at the time. No education, no experience means you get jobs without benefits. My husband has a decent job with pretty inexpensive insurance now or I still wouldn't have any. At my job a plan for a family is over half of what I make a week.

I hurt my back four years ago and didn't have insurance. I was going deep into debt trying to pay for my care and surgery was just a fantasy. My husband proposed and we got married quick because we found out his insurance would cover me. Thankfully we really did and do love each other!

Just some thoughts and some questions. I hope Bagel/Liz can answer some of the questions.
im sorry but i have to say i would rather have my own health care coverage here in the USA then in another country and have to wait on a waiting list to be seen
many go to other countries to get care thet cant get or afford in their own...many treatments are available in other countries that have not passed our tests I believe it is a case of the grass is always greener.....My daughters father in law came here and got heart surgery he couldnt get in germany the waiting list was to long......yet his countrys insurance paid for it....he came on vacation went to ER seen heart Doc had surgery next day....would have died waiting on it in his country......I think there are horror stories on both sides.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Hi all,

I didn't expect this to happen when I ask Liz to discuss the healthcare in the UK. I have studied this subject quit a bit, in that my Ph.d study was Healthcare Administration. I have seen the bad and the good. I guess I am and always will be someone who believes in socialized medicine, becasue I do believe in that health care is a right and not a priviledge. First let me take you back a few years.

From 1962 to 1979 I was a duel citizen of the USA and Canada. My father owned 325 acres about 200 miles north of Edmonton Alberta, which is about 30 miles outside a small city named Valley View. We actually lived in a log cabin without running water or electricity for several years. My dad raised wheat there. Consequently I have had some experience with Canada's healthcare as a citizen. When we needed something, we were able to obtain it. My mom had several medical problems while we were there and she never had to be concerned about whether she would get healthcare or not. There was one situation where my Dad had a medical problem, and I don't even know what it was and my mom just told me that it was not an emergency and he did not recieve care for it for about 6 months or longer. So I do know that if it is not deemed urgent you may not obtain healthcare right away.

In 1987 I worked part time in a ER with a physician Dr. Kitzharber who later became the Governer in Oregon for 8 years. I believe his term ended in 2002. At the time, he was working on on getting a bill through the states senate that moved toward socialized government in that state. Fortunately I was given an opportunity to work with him and many others on this bill. The bill was mostly about how the state would approve health care for people who were on the medicaid system. The bill was quit complex. It was approved in Oregon and then over rode by the Federal Govenment.

Then while in the Navy I saw what I would call a socialized medicine in action. In the military the doctors so not have to get an ok to do a surgery or to get an approval to do what was deemed necessary by the healthcare providers. However, they were not able to provide elective surgeries etc. They could not preform abortions, or cosmetic surgeries of any kind. I say that an yet in my surgery clinic we took off several tatoos and I would call that cosmetic to some extent.

Then living in Japan, they have a wonderful medical health care system. There disease treatment and pathways are different than in the USA, but they still provided healthcare as it was needed. The elderly there were treated with the up most respect and they never put them in Long Term Care Homes or anything like that. I did read some research that they are doing in terms of looking at the USA's system and thinking about moving toward that system there, which was quit distressing to me. I hate to see them change what they had.

Now, of course I recieve all my healthcare from the Veteran's medical center. There is not approvals required or anything such as when you have an insurance. Even with Champus which I have since I am retired from the US Navy, they must approve something before they pay for it. With the VA, I just recieve what I need and then some. My husband uses Champus and it is tough because of finding a doctor who will accept it and then there are so many whoops that you have to go through to get a MRI or anything like that ordered. They doctor must have everything documented exactly they way they want it or they don't approve it. Most doctors have become very skilled in this.

Now as a healthcare administrator, there are a lot of issues with insurances, especially HMO's. They do not pay for months. THen they send the bills back wanting more explainations for why they are billed for this and for that, after they had already approved it. But if a nurse forgets to write a particular note justifying the test or the symptoms..they do not pay. So who pays for those errors. The non insurance people do.

KS girl mentions that there are a large number of people in our country that does not have insurance. They are unable to pay for their bills so they go to the ER which is three times the cost, and then they are not paid. There for the government provides hospitals with what is called the indigent program. Every year your tax dollars are given to hospitals to cover some or most of their bills that go unpaid by people who do not have the resources to pay. And we should not even talk about the illegal immigrants becasue that is a topic way to big for me, right now. This a topic way to big for me right now.

Did you know (I am remembering off the top of my head) that health care as it is set up in the USA is the most expensive in the world? It runs about 13.4 per capital whereas Japan run abotu 7.9 per capital, and Canada, about 4.4 per capital, and England runs about 5.7 per capital. Did you ever wonder why it cost more here. Is it becasue we recieve more. Is it because the salaries are more? Is it because pharmacy cost more? What about equipment and supplies? Where is the cost? Well in this country it is locked up in the profit margins of our insurance company's. So do I think we should get rid of the middle man. Absolutely. I have always believed that having an insurance is just like having a middle man to manage you business. The government oversees the process anyway. They government makes where the money is lost...so why not let the governement which is the people handle their own health care....

Ok..this is too long...just my thoughts...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
wow red im sorry to have upset you..That was just my 2cents i personally dont like the idea of socialized medicine that is just my thoughts yes insursance companys are the middle man but i would rather have my own insurance then it be run by the goverment just my thoughts..and as far as trips to the ER go i feel everyone should have some type of healthcare that way us taxpayers would get stuck with such big bills...and also illegal imigrants play a real big role in this as well but i dont want to start on that topic either
Hi mel...I don't even remember it being you or anyone specifically said that they didn't like socialized medicine. I am not upset at all...I am really sorry if my post left any of you with that impression. I just strongly believe that everyone has a right to health care and that that will never be solved as long as it is ran like a business. mel you don't know me yet...i really don't get too anry about anything.. unless Wink leaves again...then my red headed temper is going to get angry...laughing.... just teasing...well sort of ...hehehehe..lol love you all Red

Oh...and it is very important to me that everyone express there view points... agree to disagree is always best wouldn't you say...love
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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