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Labor code 4062.3
The IC didn’t follow this code and submitted the reports late and they never gave me copies of what they were sending to the qme.
I took my chances and went to the appointment because the assistant chief of claims said if I can get the qme to fax my work status that day then they can proceed with benefits.
The IC did not keep their words and wanted to wait and have the qme clarify his work status return to work.

I wanted to know if there is any labor code for communication with the me before he sends out the report? I’m a little concern because I have not received the report yet. It hasn’t been 30 days but he did tell me it will have it sent out before then.

The IC has no regards to any labor code or workers comp procedure so I have to be on my toes. Can the IC contact the qme before he sends the report?

I also wanted to know if the IC can subpoena all my personal records? They tried to subpoena my work history they were denied. Can they subpoena bank records or police reports?


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