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UR Medication
(10-28-2018, 01:56 PM)1171 Wrote: Are you aware of the rules using the new drug formulary that lists which drugs the state will allow?
The formulary is here
The rules are here

Your atty should have a copy of every lien/ provider filed on your claim.
The board will also have a copy of the filed liens in your litigation folder.

Your physician can get pre approval.
Doctor refuses to write for any other medication besides this one. I was just curious how a UR happens for a med. Is it triggered automatically when I try and fill it? 
Sorry, I should have been more clear. I am trying to find a doctor that will accept a lien. I want to get treated elsewhere seeing as my doctor now will not refer me to an orthopedic surgeon and I have spinal stenosis. I was previously being treated by an orthopedic surgeon in California and moved. 
I have been seeing this doctor for a year and everything gets denied each month I go to him. Refuses to change treatment plan. His words are" If they don't like it, tough. This is my treatment plan and I will not deviate" and as you know UR's are binding for a year. He won't for example even change T3 facet block to a T4 facet block on paper(even though I need facet blocks in most my T spine). I said please refer me to an orthopedic surgeon like I was seeing in California and he goes "Why do you want to see an orthopedic surgeon, they won't be able to do anything for you" so I am stuck. Thanks for the med info, was more looking for how a UR is triggered. Do I have to call my attorney each time they deny the script at the pharmacy desk or is it done automatically

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