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Built a map of workers comp.
Just started on workers comp in September. I've been trying to map out this process since Day 1. This forum has been a huge help to me, and I'm hoping to give back a little.

Here is the map I built for myself.

What does everyone think? Am I missing anything important on here? Is this helpful?

It's not so hard to make one. Let me know if you need tips.

Edit: I'm in Maryland.

Attached Files
.png   Recovery Map (1).png (Size: 133.28 KB / Downloads: 23)
Hi John,

Could you please resend the image via Dropbox or something? I can't open the .png file you mentioned, as my anti virus system blocks the attachment.
I'm struggling with PTSD and want to create a recovery map as well. Also looking for legal ways to organize worker's compensation (worked for Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation as Economics and Construction Cost Analyst), as I can't trust my attorney now.

Thank you,

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