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Re-open old case?
Maybe 7 years ago I injured my back at work. I recieved treatment and was eventually told things would get no better and to go back to work. I recieved no compensation for the injury.
I am no longer with that company and the injury continues to get worse and is now affecting my ability to do my new job. Is there anything I can do to get more treatment using the "old case" or am I on my own dealing with this injury?
Was the medical left open? I know from what i have been reading that if it is the same problem it can be on the same injury as before and you can get treated. I do not know if it is more than 5 yrs though. I thought the cap was 5 yrs. Someone should know this answer. Good luck.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
I think that after 5 years that case is closed, seems to me the new job is causing the aggreavation of the old injury and you should file a new w/c claim. what state are you in?
This is in the state of Wisconsin. I do not believe the new job is aggrivating the original injury, it is a continued degeneration of the injured area in my back.
I'd recommend getting a doctor's opinion that the 7 yr old work injury is the cause of your current condition and not anything that's happened since. Wisconsin will allow you to file with the comp board within 12 yrs of the injury date.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Some companies take compensation from the employees and give others with the vast amount of money there is a policy company. Many people want to know about it I am giving 99papers in which you know and understand better about compensations activities.

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