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Will WC carrier pay for out of state hotel (CA)
Went to the doctor. I didn't go to bed until 8:45 AM because of my pain and had to wake up at 10:00AM. Unfortunately for me, I am out another night of hotel money. There was no way I could drive home 3 hours on one and a half hours of sleep, so I booked another night. After the doctor I came back to the hotel and slept for 7 hours and drove back home.

So, the doctor told me it's pointless for me to keep coming back in, so he doesn't want to see me until the treatment is approved(never going to happen, we've already appealed and they turned down) He keeps insisting on cymbalta, which the UR said was not necessary. If he were to fill in house prescriptions, he could give it to me right then and there without a UR. They only have Narcotics and muscle relaxers in house, so still no pain meds for me(cymbalta) because they denied it. He wrote the script again anyway and told me to "Keep trying to fill it" LMFAO.
He wrote for more Physical Therapy, but that's no good. Still no tens unit(which I had before but it broke) I don't feel any better, back still hurts, I've done it for years before and had aqua therapy. They will probably deny another round anyway. I told the doctor I can't keep living like this and it makes me want to kill myself and I need sleep and now I have pins and needles all down my left side.
The kicker to it all was that at the end of my 8 minute visit, he goes so you still have restrictions, no blah blah blah blah, only lift blah blah lbs. I told him straight up, I already know, I have a CA QME that gave me less than what you gave me. I am going off of that, and I am still waiting for my damn work voucher. It's like, homie, I am just here for the crappy treatment that they aren't even approving. Could care less about your restrictions. Out of state doctor's man...

PPO won't pay for any treatment that was caused by this, actually they just found out about an MRI I had on my neck where my personal doctor needed to rule out to see if it was related to my neck injury( I have a neck head and back claim) and they found out and they denied it and now I am stuck with the bill.

Again, I am just venting, this is the only place I can just rant on end(although I try and not clog it up)
Thanks to everyone that has tried to help. I don't even know what to do anymore. A few of you have posted handbooks, guides, labor codes and all and I have been really familiarizing myself with it. I am more aware of what is happening but I can't do much since I have an attorney. I called to order COURT TRANSCRIPTS and they told me that since I have an attorney, I need to have him order them. I don't want him to know, the whole reason I want to order the transcripts is to see if his sneaky, shittyself actually did what he said. Because, no money, no voucher and no explanation in years not good.

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