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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(12-17-2017, 05:02 PM)bugmann Wrote:
(12-17-2017, 10:29 AM)tinainky Wrote:
(12-17-2017, 10:14 AM)1171 Wrote: Ask your atty if they will help you with an ADA complaint.

A complaint to ADA would not advance your case one bit in WC Court. The employer would reply with some BS response and with the burden on you to prove your case its doubtful you would even win your argument. Now you are labeled a troublemaker.

I am CERTAIN your injury is a result of repetitive motion in lifting so much weight repeatedly day in and day out and this king of work is infamous for causing spinal injury/disorders. Sadly the ins carrier chose to use the squeeze play, which forces an injured worker to work even though they may not be able to. You may regret this should your new part time job leave you in a wheelchair.

Returning to work will reduce your impairment rating for your final hearing which is what the carrier wanted from the start. I just hope one day the shoe is on the other foot with the shot caller on your case.

Im sorry I could not be of more help but it just the way the WC laws are worded that permits these delays and delays all along the carrier knows you have run out of money and need to survive.

Should your new part time job begin to severely exasperate your symptoms please stop and seek medical attention from a Dr you trust, as if there are ways in NJ for disabled workers to get help and free medical and drug coverage Im sure there are similar local programs in your area.  Just please make me this promise as I would have failed you in my mission as an advocate for IW's to let another get crippled just like I did in Nj the only difference is it was not your employer using their state's WC system as a weapon as was the case with me.

Im sure your case will begin to move along soon once they see your SS# earning $$.

We all wish you the very best and only you know your body's limits please do not cross your threshold of your body's limits as you are still in control of your future not an employer who doesn't care about its employees health more than profit

Wishing you well

I would ask ,but I am working temporarily right now at another job. I had to pick up something in the mean time.
The job I use to do part-time while working at the plant  accommodates my disability. Although it is painful I have to work.  It won't pay all the bills, but it can pay some.
I was told by a coworker from the plant I am fighting WC for, that they already gave out the Hams for X-mas and the X-mas party is next week... I was not informed of any of this nor invited.
I can only guess they do not want me back.
Thank you for the reply. I went to see an orthopedic Dr. a little over a week ago. About the first thing he said was, after I told him I have a messed up arm, neck and back caused from work. He said NO it is not.. I proceeded to tell him the kind of lifting I done on my job. He then said well if that is the case how many others out there have this problem? I informed him I did not know about anyone else other than my self. I reiterated, and said I KNOW FOR A fact it is.
He was adamant about it not being caused from my work. He then talked about manipulative surgery, and while speaking of that I in turn told him no one is doing that to my arm because first of all (as I pointed to my shoulder) NO one knows what is going on in this shoulder for #1 and I refuse to have that done. He asked me if I knew what that was and I said of course I do !!! He asked me how I knew!!! I told him because I have researched everything about shoulder injuries.
This Doctor is a know it all...So he thinks. Anyhow I proceeded to leave the room, as if we were done talking! He had mentioned earlier in the conversation, that I needed an MRI. I agreed with him and told him about the failure the other doctors office had done about not sending the regular x-rays with the request to mu Insurance company.
Saturday I received in the mail an appointment date to have one on the 12/26/17 from his office. I am reluctant to have him carry on with this, but I must do so.... I am caught in a trap ! I have to have it done. So much time has passed since they first requested a MRI in Oct. I am going to go along with it even though he refuses to say this is due from my work ! I could go on and on ...
What do you think about this ? I am thinking I will do the MRI and then asked to be referred to another orthopedic surgeon Right ?

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