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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(10-04-2017, 01:20 PM)tinainky Wrote: Hi Tinainky,

By this time you should have reported this to your employers WC ins carrier. Not sure what state you are in but in NJ it is a state law that WC carrier and ph# and Right to Know Law info all be posted in a common area maybe the lunchroom maybe above the coffee pot you know the common areas where everyone will pass by ( NOT THE BATHROOMS )

Absolutely this is related to your work, and its termed repetitive motion injury. In Manystates you can file your claim online just google your state and work comp and you will find a state run website there you can get most of your questions answered,like how to begin the process.

Your boss is a MORON, and it appears hes moreinterested in keeping his ins rates down, but that is what ins is for. BOY I can understqnd not wanting to rock the boat where your make your livilyhood but the longer you remain in this long/short term disability the harder it will be to show this is a work related injury. I hope you told the Dr you had pain on your job and it just got worst from there.Just be honest as you can as your credibility goes very far in a case like this. Dont worry about the ins money youhave already gotten  as they will work out the reimbursements. The point is you should not have to deal with this crap as you have enough on your plate to worry about. Oh I didnt want to rock the boat at my job, my mgr had my no work notes changed to sedentary work ok, after changing notes back and forth a few time and I needed and loved my job out in the field I ended up sitting on a lumbar pinched nerve which sent me into a convulsion-like spasm after 45 mins I fell onto the floor and flopped like a fish out of water and have never been the same. Im totally disabled and have been since age 32. Dont ever think this stuff happens to others as 1 day you may be that other


I work on an assembly line in a factory. 10 hour shifts with months of overtime in the summer. It is non Union. It is fast paced work, picking up nearly 6,000 pounds in each hand daily, in one pound increments. Totaling about 12,000 #'s per day.
I had been complaining to the boss that my shoulder and neck was hurting me. I asked for Bio freeze on several occasions to help with the pain. I never filled out an accident report, because this was becoming an on going issue, not an accident.  
It proceeded to worsen and one morning I called in and went to the Doctor because I could not even lift my arm. No range of motion by this time. I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder (adhesive Capsulitis) I went directly from the doctors to HR and the plant nurse. HR slammed a FMLA paper in my hand and a insurance card to call TODAY she said to get paid for the time I was going to be off.
This was on 8/16/17 and I have been on Physical therapy 3 days a week since then.
My doctor said I may need an MRI because I am not getting much better from therapy. I asked her if  workman's comp should cover that test. She informed me I was not on WC.
To make this short and to keep from ranting on, I was informed by the insurance company that my work said it was not due from work.I then called HR and,told them I thought I was drawing WC. She avoided talking about it. She said the nurse was to fill out those papers. So I had mentioned that was fraudulent because It is from work. HR and the nurse had me on a conference call a day or so later. I informed them that this was no accident it was oncoming from the repetitious work I do. They said they would get back to me.
They had the safety director call me last week and tell me they plan on leaving things just the way it is ,because like hey...He said you are getting a check and treatment so they will leave it like it is, and they look forward to seeing me come back to work.....Take my time, and get well...How do you like that ?
My question is, if I am going to have this for a long term disability, due to surgery, Medical bills I may be out, should I seek a lawyer?
I think it is fraudulent on the company's  part. Also why should I be out any money on medical bills ? What if I cannot go back to doing what I was doing for a living ?
Any and all input would be appreciated. thank you

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