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Fighting cancer
Here it is
(09-11-2017, 02:29 PM)jayne Wrote: well hell so much has changed in here I can figure out how to start my own thread. So Dusty I am hijacking yours. Jerri Monster survived their hurricane she was far enough away she was ok. I haven't heard from Sithie,  Sweet cheeks and her husband and 2 daughters were involved in a  bad  accident they were in there truck and a tree trimming truck pulled out in front of them totaling their truck. since they were 30 miles from home they just took them back home. All 4 are alive because of seat belts. But are in bad pain. I spoke to her a little bit ago but the cell service was bad. Dusty if you can do it make a new thread and put this in it and I will give updates as they come in. you all please pray for Skeeter SWeets husband he wasn't in the best of health before the accident and now well you all just pray please has anyone heard from Admin he lives in St Petersburg Fl.

We're all good here.
Thanks Kate Glad ya'll are ok
I forgot to put Jayne's message in the new Chat thread.
Could you copy/paste it there for her?


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