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Do I have to give Sedgwick a recorded statement before seeing a doctor ?
this is a new jersey claim and is not subject to california regulations.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
(09-06-2017, 06:52 PM)1313 Wrote: I was informed by my  company Workman's comp specialist that I must give a recorded statement to the 3rd party Administrator Sedgwick or I would not be allowed to see a doctor and the claim would not be allowed to move forward.. Is this legal ?  I told them i do not wish to speak to Sedgwick before I see a doctor and retain an attorney if needed.   I also recorded the conversation and the specialist  was aware i was recording.

YES!  I have Sedgwick as my work comp carrier.  I had to give a recorded interview BUT what I also did what record the conversation as well to insure that what Sedgwick was going to report/transcribe was the same as what is on the recording!
Babebahn..."Tongues don't have erasers"
Injured 1999 3 level anterior cervical fusion 2001
Settled Work Comp Case 2006 w/ Lifetime Medical Currently, C7-T1 is being watched will possibly need surgery front/back fusion from C3-T2, lower back needs another facet injection.
They are mine too.. and the problems I've had with them is nerve racking,... When I got hurt on the job, I saw a doctor the next day... they said it was a job injury and gave me a few suggestions. I got an attorney next and they helped me file Comp online because my manager tried to bully me and threatened my job. After having enough things done and still in pain, my surgeon and doctor at Pain Management took me out of work until further notice. I also have a boat load of restrictions. The Carrier, now for the second time has stopped my checks because they say I can work... but my surgeon says NO.. I'm now waiting for approval for an epidural to see if it'll help.. if not, then I'll be back with my surgeon to talk surgery on my lower back.
And as of this day, I'm told this is getting worse... I know have one of the disc pressing on my spinal cord and causing problems with my legs...

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