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I saw that I think in the past 3 months I read everything anyone has posted about this case . What's funny about the hole thing is when I read something from a employers attorney s firm they say not to worry the Protzs case does not affect cases were the 500 weeks have run out . But when I read a post from employes from they say the opposite thing all of them say the Protzs case means the insurance company's have to start paying old claims again . I think I new when my lawyer told me I would be getting my comp payments again it was not going to be so easy the way he was saying it to me was I should be getting my payments again in a month our two because the insurance company's don't have a leg to stand on with this case . But like I said I have been dealing with compensation insurance company for almost 18 years and I have seen it all privet investigators watching me which I get a kick out of more IME then I can count and many settlement offers that we're all a joke they even ruined my credit ratting by not paying hospital bills for over a year so I was turned into a collection agency a few times and they don't care if the insurance company should pay they would tell me I would have to pay myself and then get the money from the Ins Comp sorry but I don't have 50000 laying around . I think they were doing that so I would settle my case with them . I think I got a little off story here so I guess it's going to be a wait and see and like you said the Protz case toke 10 years I hope this goes a little faster .

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