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I was hurt at work in 2000 and have not been able to work since s. I had an IRE done in 2007 that came back at 27 percent which means my worker comp payments were caped at 500 weeks . I was in shock when I saw it was only 27 percent but my attorney told me you have to be near brain dead for them to come back over 50 percent he told me in over 20 years he had only had 3 people come back with over a 50 percent IRE . As of about a year ago my 500 weeks were over so my comp payments stopped and there w nothing I could do about it so I have been livening and trying to support a family on SSD which is not much . Now my attorney told me the law has changed and the IRE system was found to be unconstitutional and the insurance company would have to start paying me from when they stopped a year ago he told me they have no case . We had a hearing about it about a month ago my lawyer told me it was open and closed case but that's not how it went with the judge he had no idea what to do this was the first case he was seeing since s the Protz case was seen by the PA supreme court And found IRE to be unconstitutional so he held over my case . Now the more I read about the hole thing I'm not so sure if its an open and closed case like my attorney said . I'm wondering if any body else is going through the same thing as Iam and to see if they have anything that could help me out . I can't keep livening just onSSD I would give anything to be able to go back to work I loved my job and I was very good at it but the doctors told me there was no way I would be able to work again.

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