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Ankle fracture oregon
,.....,............ so about a week ago my doctor said "let's try full duty work" and I told him I can't and I have pain and limited motion on my ankle. He said at this time we have to do something and if ur in pain call me and we'll go from there. Yesterday I was working at my staffing company doing nothing like I have been..when the manger call me in and said they're letting me go. I didn't get any paperwork, I was just let go. I called my lawyer and he said the doctor has released you to back to work with no restrictions now the staffing company can fire you without cause. I'm in shock the doctor didn't give any rating or PPD nothing. My lawyer said file for unemployment or find another job and also get another doctor for second opinion. I don't have health care. Now I'm have no income with all my bills adding up. I don't what do, my lawyer said if I want start the settlement process or wait for the second opinion. I don't know where to get a second opinion. I still have pain and can't do the normal thing average thing people do. How can a doctor give me no rating or evaluation on my ankle. So is this it. I have nothing, or is there something wrong with this.

Any advice is welcome Thank.
ooopps. overlooked the state in the title.

you can contact the carrier and request a change of doctors or a second opinion. if it's denied and they closeout the claim, it can be appealed.
put your request in writing with a copy to your atty..

you can dispute the closure of your claim and the lack of an impairment rating with the WCD by filing for reconsideration.
they will likely have you see a medical arbiter:
"Reconsideration is an administrative process established for the review of disputed claim closures. If one of the
issues raised by the parties (claimant or insurer) is a disagreement with permanent impairment findings, then
a medical arbiter examination is arranged to help the department settle the dispute. The Appellate Review Unit
(ARU) of the Workers’ Compensation Division (WCD) administers both the Reconsideration and the Medical
Arbiter Program.

more information on reconsideration here

you can contact your county social services about getting basic medical coverage. many states provide help to those Who need emergency services.
unless you have medical evidence that your condition is different from what the doctor reported, you're not going to prevail on the issue of additional benefits thru workers comp.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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