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What about California TTD?
(02-26-2017, 11:44 PM)California_Help Wrote: There is  1O4 weeks max on ttd. It sounds like you have not received any. Also, if your employer has a MPN (medical provider network) you have to be seen by one of those doctors to be taken off of work on TTD. Also, your claim has be accepted. If any of your doctors or a QME wrote you are permanent and stationary that is also a reason why they can stop/deny TTD. Some psych claims after 1/1/2013 may not be eligible for TTD.

If you were paid state disability you are also not eligible for TTD during same time period.

It sounds like you have a new attorney. You need to ask him to request all back payment of TTD owed to you and they should include a 10% self imposed penalty. He mat have to file for a hearing over this. If you have not done so already asking your doctors for copies of their reports may be helpful to you, so you know what they have been writing as far as your work status. To continue to receive TTD you need to send in a off work note at least every 4- 6 weeks to maintain TTD payments. Once a doctor writes you are permanent and stationary TTD stops. One of the questions the insurance company may ask in the letter to your QME is if you are permanent and stationary and at what date you were. This is to stop TTD. It is important you discuss all of your TTD payment questions with your attorney.

I do not understand why you were at two doctors who treated you on a lien. If your claim was accepted you should have been seen by a doctor within the insurance carriers MPN (if they had one) and not on a lien. To maintain TTD status you have to get off work documents regularly and turn them in to your claims adjuster. If you are owed back payment of TTD, ask your new attorney to file an expedited hearing if they refuse. I do not know the riles on if they have to pay you TTD for doctors that are not within their MPN (ask your attorney.

No I have not received any ttd payments, i did get state temp for about six months until it maxed out. Now the state is attempting to get sedgwick to court to pay it back with no avail. Two of my doctors that took me off work were in the mpn only one (chiro) was not in the mpn, but i recieved state ttd while the chiro had me off work for three months. Yes they accepted the claim as industrial, and the last QME labeled me both at MMI and permanent and stationary, with a 5% whole person impairment rating for three herniated discs! That was before Therapy or any treatment was rendered. When my Atty tried to subpoena the QME to do a deposition he had disappeared off the face of the earth. So the atty had the QME  struck from record and a new AME set up for this coming April 26th.
We filed for an expedited hearing regarding back pay today.
 Do i need to tell the atty i want a self imposed 10% penalty or do they know to do that? 
I have all my origional work status papers!
 My lawyer agreed that 20,000 was an acceptable settlement, I believe that is only the 2/3 of my last two years of missed work! That is not acceptable to me what about pain and suffering? what about the fact that i have a permanent disability?
 My atty said to me "the herniation's are so small, im not sure they will give you the 35k your counter offering" I wanted to reach through the phone and herniate three of his discs at that point! The pain i have been in out weighs the #'s on the MRIs! My MRI shows three disc herniation's, but the defense has said they believe only one disc was injured on the job. I have absolutely no prior medical history to support that statement though! Am i being too sensitive or is he being insensitive?

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