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Is it too late to file a WC claim?
Roots gal, Thank you for weighing in. Apparently, there must have been somewhere on my registration that I missed. I never saw where it asked for my state, although it IS logical to include that information. When I found this forum (my 1st time EVER seeking out a public forum) I wrongly assumed it was a California forum. ? I have learned much from this encounter.

I am in California. After seeking counsel and doing a ton of research on my own, I have filed a WC claim and it has been accepted. In California, at least, it is considered WC from the moment you set foot on your employers property until you step off their property or property they manage and/or are responsible for maintaining.

While it was filed almost 30 days after the injury, the date of the beginning of the WC claim is as of the date I filed it, not the date of incident. That part is a little frustrating. None of the expenses I incurred in the 1st 30 days are recoverable per my claims adjuster. I'm looking at surgery and rehab. I will miss 8-10 months. Frustrating, but all things considered, I am thankful.

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