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Settlement Counter offer
My story is Sept 2nd of last year I fell from a roof at my job as a roofer and broke multiple bones from my pelvis up.  I have healed very well for the most part except for my right arm (elbow lost 15%) and after alot of physical therapy I have recieved my MMI and cannot return to the work I was doing and have restrictions for future work. This week I received a letter from WC offering me $10,000 to close out everything and gave me until Feb 3rd to except or they will proceed with setting up vocational rehab.  I do not have a lawyer and was needing any advice or help on my counter offer or if i even should.  It just so happens I have a friend retiring and is offering to sell me his business for an incredible price but it is also very time sensitive and the $10k is a little short on the minimum down payment that he can offer.  after being out of work  for so long my savings are very hurt and If I put everything I have into this I would still need a FAST settlement of $13,000 ... it seems they are willing to give me the 10k fast but I didnt know if I could counter offer for $15k and ask for it to be within a week or 2?  Also if i counter offer does the original offer go away altogether?  Would it be worth mentioning to the WC that if I dont get the 15k fast that at that point I am no longer in a hurry to settle and will hire a lawyer to get the maximum?  Or should i just ask for the 13k that i need now?
unfortunately settlements don't happen fast in workers comp --too much paperwork and approval levels.
most states require the comp court to review and approve any settlements to make sure they are fair given the disability and medical needs. so I don't think there is anyway you can get $13k in 2/3 weeks from your comp claim.

you should probably resign yourself to getting an atty.
of course it doesn't hurt to make your request to the carrier but they are not going to be interested in fast tracking your case; most of the time it's all they can do to get your regular checks out on time and the bills paid.

on rare occasions voc rehab has been known to support self-employment so you might be able to do something similar in the long run. every claim and every state has different comp rules.
maybe your friend will have to hang on to his business a while longer anyway.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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