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ill at work, other worked withheld medical treatment
(10-26-2016, 11:39 AM)lu-lu Wrote: Thank you again Bugmann for your help.    I talked with a WC rep over the telephone.   He denied my claim.     He did ask me several questions.    We talked about me going to work, starting my work.  We talked about how I got to the break room, me being picked up off the floor and being put back on the couch.   I told him the other employees knew I was
in the break room for three hours.    We talked about what the doctor said about my seizures.   I had never had one before or one since my hospital stay.   Doctors could find no reason for the seizures and have marked my chart as undetermined.   I have not filed a petition or spoken with a lawyer.    Have not taken any other steps as of yet.  
The fact is I wanted to see the video and they won't show me.   I just want to know when my arm was broken.   I wasn't broken when I went to work.   WC rep said a seizure would not be work related.   Is it? or wasn't it?   Guess we will never know.   All I know is I got up and started my day feeling fine, drove to work, clocked in and started my day.  
that is all I remember.  I just feel as if not showing me the video is a way of them covering up the fact that they let
me lay for 3 hours without help.    I do like my job and I do get paid well, but 12 weeks with no pay check has been hard.   thanks again for your help.   You have been a big help.

Hi Lu

I think a seizure would not be a work related injury in your line of work, however the broken arm is!! The employer would be a retard to show you the evidence they have of your injury. However of you take the steps I saw on your states WC site at least an independent person would see it or if it went to a trial then you may see it.
Like I wrote b4 you have 2 yrs from the day of injury to file but you need to consider how you feel about your job as you could end up terminated in the end and you must take this into consideration. At least your employer is generous with the high profit margin this work brings to her/him as they pay well and you like the work so they must treat you well also. You may want to check if your state has temp disability benefits like the state of New Jersey has. While out of work from a Dr the State pays disability benefits. Not many states have this maybe a handful or two??? It may be worth looking into.
Its possible you had a 1 time seizure and unfortunately for you, you broke your arm in a fall, and only the video will show you what really happened. I believe the employer may be obligated to save this footage because i believe you spoke to your employers carrier or your HR dept's WC personal and one of these employers representatives denied your claim not the state as it may have never gotten that far.
Bottom line is you have not had continued seizures and hopefully you suffer very little residuals from the broken arm, but as you age this break in your arm may come back to haunt you and then prevent you from working, and if you do nothing you will have no recourse, but you have some time to consider all this but for now it appears you are in great health and NOTHING  is more valuable than that. Smile  Good luck and if you wish to discuss more or want what the law says you are entitled to just drop us a note and we'll be on it.
We wish you the very best

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