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Released to work! Now What?
(08-28-2016, 04:56 PM)Fusion26 Wrote:
(08-28-2016, 04:00 PM)California_Help Wrote:
(08-26-2016, 04:12 PM)Fusion26 Wrote:
(08-26-2016, 03:55 PM)1171 Wrote: So in your mind the restrictions are temporary?
It's the written report that,s the evidence, not what was said or not said during your medical appointment.
Hopefully it supports continuing your TD payments.

No, I definitely feel incapable of performing certain task and expect to have some type of restrictions for the foreseeable future. I was a ware house worker previously which is what resulted in my injury. I could in no way return to the same field of work. I do however feel capable of performing some type of sedentary work. I still deal with some residual pain on a daily basis, but have accepted with this type of injury to be completely pain free is unlikely or even unrealistic. I called the doctors office to confirm and it appears there has been no P&S report so I have yet to be declared MMI. It seems everything may begin to pick up momentum with my claim. I'm sure this is to soon to say or wishful thinking, but I hope to be done with the WC system soon. This whole process has been lengthily and stressful. It's truly trying at times both mentally and physically.

It is very difficult for anyone on a site to answer the question if you will continue to receive TTD checks without reading your records. Your attorney would be the best person to ask. In the mean time I recommend having your primary doctor write you are TTD every time you see him in your reports.

If your TTD stops and you are not able to work you can apply for state disability. It will state you are past the deadline to apply, but for injured workers I have seen them make exceptions many times. You will need your doctor to fill out the EDD form. I recommend to go on the states website and print out a form for your doctor to fill out a month before your TTD 104 weeks is up.

At 6 months post op after a 360 fusion are you fused? I have read it can take a year to 14 months for some to fully recover from this surgery. I do not recommend rushing it. 

It sounds like you were injured after 1/1/2013. If so once you are MMI and your employer cannot take you back you are entitled to two vouchers. The first on is in the amount of 6 grand. I have not checked in a while but I think $1,500 can be used for a computer and $500 can be used for whatever you want. The remaining 4 grand can be used at any state college or other vocational colleges on a list. It can be used towards tuition and books. Once you receive your first voucher you can then go down to the district office of your WCAB and pick up your second voucher which will be a check for $5,000.. This check can be used for whatever you want.

After having such an evasive surgery I recommend going back to school if you are not qualified for sedentary work.

Take care.

Yes I was injured in 2014. So as I understand the first voucher is for schooling.  What is the second voucher for? Also please excuse my ignorance but what is WCAB? Workers compensation association board? Are these vouchers something I apply for? As far as SSDI I did apply for that but my application was denied. As far as being fused I'm not sure. I have asked tthe doctor when we will do imaging to check progress and he said if theres no pain than no reason to check now. He said he usually waits a full year. The workers comp doctor has been great up until recently, now he seems to be short and dismissive. When he makes his dictations he is quick to downplay my symptoms and seems to want to rush things along and make things appear better than they actually are. Anyways I am currently enrolled in college to work towards an associates degree. I just started this semester and it will be awhile before I see a pay off. I am doing distance education for now.

The first voucher is for schooling, but as I wrote above some can be used for things like computer and $500. can be used for whatever you want (do not have to send in receipts). I hope you are keeping your receipts for college including books, parking, tuition supplies as you may be able to request reimbursement. I do want you to know there may be a deadline to use the first voucher if two years after you first receive it. I have been told some injured workers send in receipts for reimbursement to their claims adjuster for school if the state school does not accept vouchers. You do need to apply for these vouchers. Do you have an attorney?

The second voucher is listed as a vocational voucher but it is a check that you do not have to account for. Once you receive the first voucher is when you qualify for the second. I am sorry if I am over whelming you as well. You can apply on-line for the second voucher or you can go down to the WCAB (workers compensation appeals board but their district office of where your work comp case is located). To find out where this is closest distict office WCAB to you is to call and information and assistance officer. Let me know if you need a number for that. There is a Koisk at these district offices where you can apply for the check.

 If you need more information let me know. 

I also did online distance education. If you need accommodation like  extra time on tests etc due to pain issues you can meet or talk to a disabled student service counselor at your college. There are benefits to being under the disabled student services department at college. You may receive priority registration and also accommodation if you need it (if in class breaks or special chair etc). I am sure you are still in some pain and may be on medications, and also may need breaks and why having extra time for tests is something that may benefit you if you need it. You should be VERY proud of yourself for going to college while healing from a fusion. Online classes can be a lot more work. I recommend starting slow, keeping a calendar when things are due.

Did you appeal your SSDI denial? I recommend doing so and it does not mean you will be on it forever. You will only receive SSDI if you cannot do any job for at least 12 months. I always recommend contacting a SSDI attorney after you are denied to help with the appeal. They get paid only if you receive SSDI and take a portion of back payment owed. I think I responded on another post that you can also apply for state disability with the EDD department if your TTD ends. This may provide one years worth of benefits. 

You may not be fused yet so be careful. While I agree with 1171 that doctors should not baby patients I have also seen and read about doctors who are dismissive to patients once they get surgery because they/doctor received their money from the surgery. This may not be the case with your doctor, but not reporting your current symptoms is something I would just continue to watch. 

 I am glad to read you are doing well after such an evasive surgery. Have they started you on physical therapy (it may be too early)?
I am not an attorney.Anything I write should not be considered legal advice.I am writing from my own personal experiences,which is not from any sort of legal background. You should consult with an attorney over legal issues. In California, if you cannot get an attorney you can consult with an I&A officer.

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