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California Defense Firm Not Happy.....
Received notification yesterday that my QME has been rescheduled, due to the fact that the defense firm is not happy with the QME doctor I chose.  

Initially I was not represented when I filed my WC claim.  The adjuster requested a QME, I was sent a random computer generated panel from the State Worker's Compensation for 3 Ortho docs in my zip code.  I chose one and made my appointment.  Once I started getting push back from the adjuster, my  internal "ut oh" meter went off and I hired a WC atty.

Now the defense firm doesn't want me to see the random doctor I chose from the QME panel because they believe he would be 'good' for me.

My atty has filed for a hearing, will go with what the Judge says.........

Anyone else have to deal with anything like this?
while There are valid reasons to object to QME selection; what was this notification?
are they withdrawing their objection to the opinion of your treating physician?

If any benefits are delayed make sure you request penalties.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
the notification was a letter from my atty that the QME had been rescheduled. And when I called to ask why, I was informed that my atty filed for a hearing to let the Judge decide if we can keep the QME doctor I chose or if we have to do the agreed medical doctor.

not withdrawing the objection as far as I am aware

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