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NY - Who Do I Send Stuff To??
When looking for a good lawyer you have to ask a lot of questions. Is he a WC lawyer, can you send a question to him via E mail and it be answered within 24 hrs. What is his record of settling out of court? When you know you will be out of work for at least a year file for SSDI I don't know what your pay was but if you get it well it gives your bank account a bit of a help. And any money is better than none at all. Biggest problem is its a lot of extra work on your case on your hands. Don't wait to get started on it. Sithie doesn't come on here much she lives in a burning hell for her RSD. You may be able to get her e mail address from this site if she made them public, check her out cuz she has more knowledge than most PCPs. good luck
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NY - Who Do I Send Stuff To?? - tbear6410 - 05-30-2016, 05:39 PM
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