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SETTLEMENT wo attorney
(07-30-2016, 11:19 AM)Manley2 Wrote: Think he posted he didn't have a WC lawyer. Maybe I'm wrong. You are right in something doesn't sound right. PI attorney maybe trying to settle and get out before the WC case screws everything up. If you have an surgery that is because of both the work injury and an accident then both are not going to pay and this  maybe why you PI attorney is trying to get some money before it gets screwed up. I don't understand CA WC rules so listen to what 1171 and some others that know the rules out there. Just remember lawyer are suppose to be there to help you but some only are looking for a payday and may not be looking out for you in the long haul. Settling before you are at MMI is not a good idea

Too, much to go over in a paragraph, at some point you should get any settlement approved by a professional before signing.. Even if you have to pay for the attorneys time. If they miss something you can sue the attorney for misconduct as well as the insurance company for fraud. Always cover as mush as you can.
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