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Settling Future Medical for PTSD
Ha - too funny. Why wouldn't I be optimistic when I have never been in an adversarial position with my employer or the wc carrier? The adjustor has already indicated they will be ready to settle my case as soon as they get the rating back from the state. Maybe we have differing opinions on what "settle" actually means, but it is my impression that she will begin the negotiations by making an offer.... And I can accept the offer or counter it. I anticipate the offer to be fair without having to negotiate or getting an attorney. I guess that does sound optimistic...... I know my health plan won't cover anything work comp related.... I have already received questionnaires from a 3rd party subrogation firm asking if my last regular doctor visit (to get birth control pills renewed) was work related. Wth!? I seem to get one after every regular doctor visit now, but I have no need to use my personal health insurance as all of my needs are met on the wc side. I think the problem is that the doctor put work related PTSD in my history and now they question every visit, regardless of what it is for.

Again, thank you for the great advice - I'll move forward with more wariness and more facts on hand when the time comes. I'm sure everything will work out. :-)

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RE: Settling Future Medical for PTSD - Shortfuse - 04-10-2016, 02:15 AM

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