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Settling Future Medical for PTSD
you are more optimistic than many that venture into workers comp settlement territory alone.
there is no reason to assume that the carrier will be willing to settle yet so you could strike out with your initial demand.
the carrier is not required to give you a buy out.
you and the carrier can settle at any time, so if neither can come to an agreement now it could happen any time during the claim.
you ,of course, can check with your health care plan to see if they will provide treatment should you settle.
if you are dealing with a large settlement amount, there is a third alternative.
structured settlement or annuity purchase. interest rates are historically low so the greatest advantage of an annuity is lost but a carrier purchase of an annuity does avoid the proceeds from being taxed. an annuity also allows you to structure the payout any way you wish with periodic payments as well as periodic lump sums. you also can guarantee the payment duration and provide for beneficiaries (neither of which comp does).

with many options available you are in a good position to get something you can live with.

P.S. as a public safety officer I suspect your union is affiliated with a work comp law firm so at any point you do have access to an experienced lawyer. they may even "advise" you without filing for official representation and fee.

P.S.S. there should be some resources/studies from New York. Their workers comp board setup a special program to handle post- world trade center attack claims and physicians there may have developed and published some effective treatment regimes. there were approximately 2400 PTSD/psychological stress related comp claims filed in New York.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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