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frustrated to distraction in ny
I do not know how this twitter thing works.  I just received a decision on my claim after 2 1/2 +Yrs of hearings . Claim denied after injury was established then unestablished? what fraudulent bullshit. I would be ashamed if I were involved in an organization that claims to be the workmen's advocate and then railroads injuried workmen into yrs of hearings dedigned to protect insurance company from delagating their responsibility to provide compensation and leaving the injured in despair.  The  insurance company lawyers who bait judges with "smoke and mirrors" takes precedent over fact of and the workman's injury and need.
The bullshit legal rhetoric that cause my claim to be denied is so frustrating and infuriating I cannot express myself. I honestly had believed this organization was unbiased but after trying to state my case clearly and honestly and the despicable way the insurance company denied payments for treatment and then claimed I did not follow prescribed treatments baited and switched information etc I am appalled and disgusted.  I call bullshit and shame on you. I am sure I am not the only one
who has experienced the blindness or possible knowing insensitivity to truth and need insurance companies and workmen's compensation display. I will continue to deal with the pain from my injuries and how this sickening waste of time has change my life.  my prayers to those thrown aside by this tax payer funded insurance scam called workmen's compensation
You know even less about comp then you do about Twitter. What organization are you talking about?

are you condemning the whole comp system, one board, or just one judge? would seem to be a bit much to lash out at the whole system for one decision you are obviously most biased for.
Workers compensation Insurance is far more then a single judge at a local WCB location that decided your claim.
Where did you ever hear/read that the NY WCB was an "advocate" for the injured worker? that is wrong; that is not part of the court's role or it's mission statement.
The comp laws as a whole may favor one party over another but the court tries to be impartial in its application of those laws and it cannot advocate for one party over another. If you are upset about a bad law then your beef is with your state legislature and it's misguided to blame the comp court.
if you are angry about the rules of the court, the evidence requirements, and the procedures then you need to bring your concerns to the Board of Directors:
No employer would ever take a case to a court if they didn,t think they had a chance at an impartial reading/interpretation of the laws and rules of the court. The advocate for the worker is your atty or mr. Ruff but certainly not the judge:

You sound like all the others- employers and workers alike- that don,t understand the law, the process, or the rules and then blame the whole system and the judge when they lose.

If you have such a good claim, why don,t you appeal the decision? or

did you litigate on your own without an atty or without knowing the rules and are now condemning the whole comp board and comp system for your error in judgement?

comp insurance coverage and it's benefits are not taxpayer supported.
in fact, comp disability benefits received by injured workers is tax free and not considered earned income by the IRS.

find out more about how comp works in New York and use your frustration to help make changes. posting on the message board is a good way to vent but may only help you temporarily and do little for the next worker.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I'm in NY and have been on Comp for almost 2 years. One thing you need to do is get a Comp Lawyer. They don't get paid unless you win.

The Insurance Carrier from my previous job always tried sticking it to me... this is when my lawyer steps in and handles everything... and I mean everything. Right now, they are fighting with them about a missing check that the IC said I got and I never did...

Unless you know what you're doing, you can handle it... but the way your're talking and ranting, I really suggest getting a lawyer to handle it all.
Had a lawyer had an appeal. Lawyer lost both. Still have to raise my children . If you get injured cut your damn arm  off not just have a thousand pound fixture fall on you or insurance companies will deny your need. Yes I am rant against fraudel insurance companies. Judges that side with them and a system that favors them. Ranting beats tears and harboring anger. Yes this system screws people! Yes I am one of them. Yes I am compassionate towards  anyone else in a similar position. Sorry for those off you who are not.

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