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I was injured and then I quit my job
(01-22-2016, 03:18 PM)California_Help Wrote: I highly recommend you to call some workers compensation attorney's, and hire one.

I am not familiar with the laws in your state. In California the rules are we must see the employers doctor the first 30 days and can switch to another doctor within the employers medical provider network (unless we pre designated a doctor).

I don't know what they mean by short term disability. Is this through your employer called a short term disability policy or is this through workers compensation?

Hello Smile

I have a WC attorney I always had one, they just never seem to get back with me about this and it's been a while now. I just didn't want to go on a rant about what my attorney is or isn't doing because I have no idea. I just wish they communicated with me better.

In DE you can choose whichever doctor you'd like to treat you. You don't have to see the bosses doctor. My employer was deliberately taking advantage of me by making it seem I had to be treated by their doctor and then they basically forced me to sign forms I had a legal right to decline. My Attorney did take care of that issue though. The reason my employer was so aggressive about getting me in there was to sign these documents because they have had problems with OSHA and injured workers so they try to sweep things under the rug by controlling you.

I ended up seeing the Bosses doctor first because I didn't know about workers comp rights and didn't want to pay for medical expenses. I didn't want to be stuck with a medical bill for a trip to the ER so I didn't go to the Emergency room right away and instead went to the bosses doctor. I feel like a real fool about that.

When I went to the Bosses doctor they hardly looked at my injury and they gave me some aspirin and a light duty notice releasing me to return to work that was already pre-filled out. They sent me on my way without giving me crutches or anything and I could barely walk. I actually ended up arguing with their staff at the office as I was leaving and they seemed to get really nervous at the questions I was asking them. The bosses doctor was standing in the door way listening to me with a look of guilt on his face. I was in a lot of pain and he just gave me a return to work notice without looking at my injury and I asked them how could the doctor authorize me to return to work with these specific restrictions if he didn't actually look at my injury. Thinking back now it was all a setup and I fell face first in to it.

I know that little bit doesn't' have much to do with Workers Comp but hope it helps someone else from falling into the Bosses doctor trap.

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