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WC in Oklahoma ( No Idea What To Expect)
Really wish I had found this board a few years ago that would have been great  Smile A little background I was injured in 2013 hurt both knees while employed as a director at a daycare, originally was told just a sprain and would heal, we already had a move planned before injury out of state and I hoped it would heal on its own. It wasn't healing at all , after the move just getting worse, then I had a Mva in a school zone literally the guy let off his breaks (this complicated things, because I didn't seek treatment for the knees til, afterwards , anyways I did get treatment injections and MRI which didn't show too much bone bruising (in one knee) and effusion in both knees . The did deny referals for ortho so at that time I got an attorney, I believe my choice in attorney might have been the first mistake . I have been telling them from day one medical was number 1   , I flew back to Oklahoma for deposition and Drs appt and trial ,  my attorney's were trying to settle then , but I refused.  We moved back to Oklahoma because  my treatment was very important to me , first ortho  said chrodramalcia and released . Again they  (my attornies)  tried to settle .  But they ended getting me a second opinion instead , again chrondmalcia and  osteoporosis? I went to I believe 30 pt was told I would have to live with my knees as best as I could  . I was given Permanent restrictions to be seated at all times with comfort breaks as needed .  Went  to private dr ?? For for disability rating I guEss , received a rating on each knee at about 40% then saw IME for wc , I have not seen that report. we went to trial and are currently waiting on the judges decision I believe for PpD and Vocab Rehab and I really Hope Medical , as my attorneys did know I wanted it.

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