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Disability Rating
I am a RN who suffered a torn tendon of my non dominant arm in June 2013. Due to a misdiagnosis I had pain injection x2 in August and September and PRP injection in October without success. After an MRI in December showed the tear I had surgery in January 2014. I had a second surgery in March 2014 to shave a bone spur. After symptoms continued and EMP showed nerve compression I had a Ulnar nerve transplantation surgery and Median nerve release in March of 2015. I have made two attempts to return to work until the last surgery without success. My doctor has now stated that there is nothing more he can do and scheduled me for a FCE. I can perform most tasks but I still get a great deal of swelling, pain, and numbing. After three surgeries I thought I would have some type of relief. I went for a second opinion at Yale Hospital and a new EMG showed compression of the Ulnar nerve. 
My question is how can a doctor rate me with this new test result, will and FCE be fair because it will not measure my swelling the next day, and what type of disability rating can I expect?
ratings can be performed when the physician believes you are at maximum medical improvement.
it is not required that all physician opinions agree.
it depends on what rating system is used.
not every measurement is relevant or needed by an FCE and most FCE do not use transient swelling measurements.
An FCE is not a rating.
you should expect a rating that conforms to your states rating guidelines.
without knowing your state, more specific information cannot be provided.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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