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When do i get my ppd rating?
Im in the state of georgia and My work comp doctor placed me at mmi and sent me for a fce+ppd rating exam a few weeks back.The fce exam results left me with alot of permanant restrictions but i still wasnt given a ppd rating.Then I meet with my doctor to discuss the fce results but the issue of a ppd rating was'nt discussed on his part.So i asked him about the rating'he simply said "Have your attorney contact me' if he wants a ppd rating completed because alot of attorneys dont like for me to do a ppd rating on their clients".This is a georgia workers compensation claim' does this sounds right to you'the insurance company also wanted a ppd rating given.Is this normal procedure to get a ppd rating and do i have to be present in order for my doctor to perform a ppd rating or do he simply go by my medical records to get his rating? The doctor feel My injuries are inoperable due to the risks involved'i had a fractured c6 vertabrae'4 bulging discs'severe spinal stenosis with severe spinal cord compression on multiply levels.Along with all these conditions i have a rare congential chronic disease called OPLL Which was aggravated by my industrial injury.Any information would be greatly appreciated...
sounds like the doctor is one that focuses on treatment and not the legal issues like ratings.
if the records are current and contain all the necessary information they can be used for a rating.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thanks so much for your reply....
i leave in california, work for a company for 31 was a plant manager for the last 15 years on 2012 we were told our plant was going to close, everyone got severance package and a few of us got transfered to other plants including myself, i got hurt end of 2012, ask company what and how to report , they kept me on std and than ltd i ask them why wasn't a workers comp, they open up a claim and start to threat me and been very rude on the phone i had a major mental and anxiety , back pain ,neck and shoulders, and also after benn home for 2 months i got a pulmonary embolism was in hospital for a week, so on 2013 i hire a w/c attorney and file a claim, so far i was terminated on feb 2014 afetr they ask for a dr note with job restrictions, they ask for a meeting and never discuss the restrictions only about the termination package. w/c offer me 50k to close the case twice, i was making 100k annually im still receiving ltd for another 12 months, will end . my attorney is getting upset because im turning down there offer, i want to ask for wage loss and open medical i believe, i applied for ssdi but im waiting im 53 now. and now i have fybromialgia, neuropathy, im, having anhesthesia epidural injections on my back and shoulders, taking medication for rest of my life, i may have to have surgery in the future, i was rated 19% for may back, i don't know if they include legs,feet, knees shoulders,arms etc. and 24% for mental. my attorney is quite not saying much ,i have a status conference meeting sechdule for 12/21 and have no idea what is this for , haven't hear from the attroney either. can i ask for wage loss , i also don't like the lump sum payment . any help would be aprciated.
you need to start your own thread.
alvin478 is in georgia and the comp laws are totally different from california.
alvin478's issue is not the same as yours.
it confuses those that scan the topics and come here for help when you hijack another post.

you can use the search feature to scan the posts on the board for those that have had a similar question about conferences
and you can repost your question on a new thread
status = update progress resolving disputes and what needs to be done from here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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