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NY comp. stinks,compared to CT & NJ
I am so mad ??? first off my last surgery took me 8 years, why MKMG said my L4-L-5 fusion was good, most doctors said fusions screws rods are good!Then why can't I walk right, I slammed down my right foot as I walked! it was always weak! The PAIN in the lumber area especially when I laid down.
All said, it was ok. My immune system was weak! SO, I said F U all!I googled a medal lab and had blood drawn. Now all doctors said it's rare never happens!I was, indeed allergy to the rods and screws. Titanium and nickel! ( now tooth paste makeup,soap all have titanium dioxide even M& M candy ) so watch out all.
I FINALLY found a neurosurgeon in Greenhich CT.I am from NY, and on Comp.
But they did a hardware injection after I went to comps own Doc, blah blah, but he said go for it,that's why it was approved!
They found out I had relief!Do surgery, easy surgery USUALLY, comp approved. 

An hour surgery took 2 1/2 hours. Why? Well the screws locked system he couldn't get off!he googled the screws and it was taking off the market NO ONE Told me at Hospital for special surgery! 
Anyway he does get it out,finall,dr.said I had a tuff time with this.i asked him to keep it,he sealed the rods and screws in a bag. My infectious disease dr. Asked for a biopsy it came back positive for borrellis lyme.( that's a long battle,still fighting)
Very rare.so far I am very rare.i tell all because doctors don't know all, research. 
But with NY Comp,the worst, well atleast they approved dr Simon from Greenwhich to do surgery.??
It's taking time to recoup usually it's one day in and out. But mine was a bad lock on screws!so I was in hospital 5 days!
 So now 

why I say NY stinks.

Dr Simon gave me a GREAT pain management Dr.snowball, yes dr. Snowball from Stamford. She did the shots into muscles, accupunture, and deep massage .it REALLY helped all three in a row.gave more movement. BUT NY doesn't pay like CT gets paid.
 So unfortunately for me NY comp. wouldn't pay the fee,so Doctor said I'm sorry,I even asked,can I pay the difference no! I was totally BUMBED out,
I Have not found anyone since.
But I will look into Burke rehab in westchester NY.they do Aqu therapy pool exercise.
So workers comp has a list of who they deal with. I hope that works for you. My concern is IF I move out of NY how does workers comp work?
their fee
Or What NY wants to pay?

Good luck to all, just no I highly recommend the doctors above.just know that you can get rods and screws out!If you are in Pain!You Fuse in two years!So they don't need to sure it up,if they do,it's no big deal it's done differently then when I had it original back in 2005. Dr.Simons young and JUST GREAT!!!!!

Keep fighting, don't think twice of writing your senators we need changes. Seems to me CT and even NJ is better then NY state workers compensation! Even when it comes to Lyme disease NY is behind the 8 ball ??? ???
the fee schedule in use in your state applies to treatment costs no matter where its obtained.
on a case by case basis a carrier can choose to pay usual and customary.
being out-of-state does not remove the carriers legal obligation to provide necessary care.
if treatment is denied, you have the right to have the court decide.
if the carrier/employer denys treatment of a doctor because of a fee dispute the carrier has an obligation to find alternative treatment.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Congrats on your hard work. This is my first time here. I have a case almost 4 years old and yes...NY SUCKS. NY HATES its injured workers. From the so called Workers Comp Board to the corrupt insurance carriers and all the attorneys I know. What a horrible state and I have lived and worked here my whole life...52 yrs.

Good luck to you. Any help... I'd appreciate. I have an appointment with Dr Jack Stern this Wednesday to discuss my lumbar injury and probable fusion. I avoided it but my pain worsens and more meds scare me.

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