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Back Injury Settlement
(09-30-2015, 12:11 AM)1171 Wrote: there are more then 50 different work comp systems; each with their own unique set of laws.
you won't get much specific information without posting your state or if you are a federal employee.

what makes you think that is your settlement?

never heard of any relationship between paid medical and settlement; there certainly is no legal basis for connecting the two.
what do you mean by "settlement"?
Permanent disability $$ or are you trying to cash out of all your future benefits.

you need to find out more about workers comp so you can ask the right questions.
doesn't sound like your atty prepared you very well or explained much.
post your state and we can get you started.
you might also use the search feature on this board and read a few posts to get a feel for how comp systems works.

definitely sounds like you are confusing tort and civil liability law with workers comp; totally different.
comp is "no fault" so both you and the employer share the costs of the injury.
they pay med and disability and you give up fighting in court for a big payout.

Sorry about that, I am in California.  
I received a check in the mail all it said was "based on the permanency rating from the QME" I have no idea what that means. (I get the disability ratings) but is that all I am supposed to get?
I know WC doesent cover pain and suffering, I was just dont know what this check is. Last time I talked to my atty he mentioned I should keep future benefits (I want to), but I thought I could decide when the time came.  All the check says is "based on the rating," so that is what confuses me.

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