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Petition and Order to Take Off Calendar
My workers compensation claim was made in the State of California

I want to keep my story short. I filed several workers comp claim and case is set for trial on august 11th 2015. I realized that there are numerous discrepancies and several serious errors made by my attorney just weeks prior to trial. I fired my attorney and I filed a petition to change the venue and must file a order to take trial date of calendar ASAP.

I don't have my complete file on hand and i can not prepare for trial. I am hard of hearing, practically deaf and i can not represent myself such the state of health
I just find out about the trial date today - 10 days before the trial. Application for adjudication was improperly filed and needs to be amended. There is further discovery necessary based on PTP report. 

Please advise me how to file an order to take trial off calendar, I would greatly appreciate it.

I assume i have to write a motion with legal grounds, arguments and attach an order for the judge.. but cant find any samples online.

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