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Help translating permanent partial disability rating into $settlement
  I have been out of work since February or 2014, my weekly wages where $220  The doctor said I cannot return to the same work I was doing. After a year of doctors visits, surgeries, therapy and FCE. The doctor has given me a final "permanent partial disability rating" using the 4th Edition AMA guides to the evaluation of permanent impairment.  18% left upper extremity at shoulder level, 14% left upper extremity at elbow level and 38% permanent partial left upper extremity at the wrist level. total Upper extremity combined rating of 56%,  I'm in Kansas and am curious how this would translate into a settlement amount. When I spoke with my lawyer he stated that a settlement would be our next step. Thank You!

11b Army Vet.
More then just the impairment percentages are used.
calculating permanent disability amounts means combining the various ratings, factoring your return to work wages and the length of your temporary disability.
also settlements often include $$ for resolution of other benefit issues

you can try your hand with their on-line calculator here

although you have an atty you may be able to get more information on your particular situation from the ombudsman

make sure you go over the calculations with your atty who should be experienced with many of the negotiating tactics and can make sure to address all the issues in your claim.
attys are not legally required to educate or train clients on the details of work comp law but most will give some basic information.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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