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WC or Private Insurance?
(07-29-2015, 11:57 AM)rrenfrow Wrote: I'm hoping for some advice.  I'm in Texas and injured my knee (meniscus tear) on the job in October 2013.  I had surgery to repair the tear in January 2014 and many months of physical therapy until WC finally said that's enough.  I was no where near healed since they allowed my quad to completely atrophy.  Because of this my knee was not functioning properly and hasn't functioned right since.  On my own or through chiropractors I've tried to rebuild my quad and get back to normal.  I've paid for this treatment out of my own pocket since WC was extremely difficult at best.   Well here I am a year and a half post op and I am still having issues.  Recently I started having sharp pain in the same knee and I need to have it looked at.  Sad

The thought of dealing with WC again makes my blood pressure rise, but I am 34 and want to continue to my very active lifestyle that I had previously.

Ideally I'd like to go through my own insurance for future treatment, but will I be rejected?

I was never sent for my MMI and my WC case is still technically open unless they are allowed to close it without that?

I don't care about the money.  I want good treatment and I want my knee back to normal.  Anyone have any advice on what my next course of action should be?  Any opinions would be greatly welcomed.


If my assumption that you were off work is correct, then your case is still open. You are nearing your date of statutory MMI. You really need to request an MMI from your treating doc or request a designated doctor exam through Texas Department of Insurance. Google TDI  and find form DWC-0032 and follow the directions included.

Once you have reached the statutory MMI (104 weeks from disability +8 days) it becomes final after 90 days and cannot be changed.

YOU MUST GET an MMI exam and Impairment Rating. DO NOT LET THIS go by.

With an injury you may never get your knee back to "normal" only to a point of static improvement known as maximum medical improvement. The impairment is "permanent" and you may be entitled to monetary benefits due to a permanent impairment.

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