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Settlement Qst. - Medical for life...? NYS
Hello "WC Forums Helpers"
 I've recently been released to work. "Light Duty", so now I have the occasional chit chat with others, as well as others chatting with me. The talk is now in regards to how I will go about settling my WC Case. NOTE: I understand it's tough to tell someone how they're WC Settlement will go, complete and settle (for everyone has a different case). 
Injury Summary: I have a middle finger injury to the tendon, which required surgery, was out of work for 10 weeks.

Question: I'm not asking for what I will receive in cash, not at all! 
                                I'm asking if I will receive "open medical" for life. 
I spoke to my Uncle who had knee surgery over the 4th of July vacation and he stated to settle with "medical for life", I really would like that considering, you never know what could happen. Now chatting here and there I was told thru an "unreliable source" and the grapevine that NYS doesn't offer medical for life anymore? Is this true?

Main Question: Does NYS still offer injured workers "medical for life" in the settlement?

   Any clarification of this misunderstood thought would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You in advance.
NYS here and on comp also... I was told for my knee injury, to keep medical open... I now have a back injury and if the company wants to settle, I was told the same thing.... Keep medical open.

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