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spinal and cervical stenosis in georgia and need some advice'doctor didnt explain it!
I got a question im in the state of georgia!! I had a ct myelogram completed this morning and it wasnt nearly as painful as i figured it would be after using google to research.It revealed cervical stenosis at c2-3 c3-4 c4 c5 and c6 and also spinal stenosis L3-4'i also fractured my c6 spinoues process and wore a neckbrace for 20 weeks along with a sternum fracture.My workers comp treating doctor didnt even meet with me afterwards to explain the condition to me'instead he sent one of his nurses i never met before to give me the news.He said surgery wasnt a option yet which i was relieved to hear but  the 2 options he offered was he would set me up with a second opinion or a pain management clinic for nerve blocking injections.Im 41 years old and never had neck or back problems before in my life before the vehicle accident at work'im experiencing neck'shoulder'arms'legs'back pain'can someone please explain stenosis to me and does it get better or worse with time.My job includes a lot of heavy lifting and would this effect me going back to work or getting another job in the future.The insurance company has paid for all my treatments and i recieve a weeklly check.So is my treating doctor basically given up on me and released me by him referring me to a pain clinic???
there is an open pathway or canal that runs throughout the length of the spine surrounded by bone segments. various nerves enter and exit the spinal cord at different points along the canal. a "stenosis" is a narrowing or constriction of the canal. it can press against these nerves causing pain and weakness.
there is more information including videos here
or on most medical websites (merck, webmd, etc)
a stenosis doesn't behave the same way in every situation; some get better others stay the same and some can get worse.
which is your future course is unknown. most conditions take time before the situation can be determined.
not every doctor is the best with every medical condition; there are specialists in most every profession. if most of your dysfunction/disability is due to pain, then a pain management specialist might have a better treatment plan then another type of medical specialist. the first doctor you see may not be the right one (or even the second).

or maybe or your doctor can treat you but doesn't want to or maybe he thinks someone else can do a better job or maybe in the past his results have not be good with your condition --- whichever his motivations be glad you were give a choice before there were problems.

sounds like you need a more detailed explanation of your condition and treatment options.
I would accept your doctor's offer of getting a second opinion. you can choose a pain management specialist afterward if you wish.
ask him for a referral or find one on your own. update the carrier as to what's happening.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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