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PQME asked for another test. I live out of state.
Yes, I did look back at the paperwork and my past workplace was self insured by Gallagher Bassett Services. Since my QME in California last Aug, Gallagher Bassett no longer is the administrator and I did not find out it was switched to a new administrator (Sedgwick) until late last year. My QME report took well over 90 days to receive.
I no longer receive benefits as I am permanent & stationary. Gallagher Bassett did not agree with my last Orthopedic doctor's report that did state I was permanent & stationary but I still had significant problems with strength due to pain and enough time had passed since my operations that the pain was going to be permanent. This physician wrote a paragraph on the future of medical care that I may need. Due to this report, Gallagher & Bassett requested a QME. My concern is for my future. I want to make sure if I need medical care for my disabilities (again, which that physician wrote in his opinion 100% of my present disability was caused by the industrial injury) I can get that and it is paid for or I receive a settlement. I am in a new job in Alaska with restrictions set by that Orthopedic Surgeon. I have put a call into the Oakland CA Worker's Comp Office.
I am angry that Gallagher & Bassett along with Sedgwick has dropped the ball. The fact this has almost been a year since the QME in CA and I am still getting incorrect info from Sedgwick as well as non communication. I cannot pay for this additional test out of pocket as it’s very expensive and I can’t believe they have asked me to go through my private medical insurance and find a doctor on my own. I just want to move forward with the assurance that I am either compensated or I can receive medical assistance from my injury.

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RE: PQME asked for another test. I live out of state. - maizyrose - 07-15-2015, 01:37 PM

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