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how is it decided how much ill get??????
hi in phx az  it will  prob a while before this point happens. but shouldn't I get weekly checks  . my last real pay check was jan 30 2013 . but how is my payments decided do they go off of the year before accident  for  earnings ??? also I can no longer work in my trade of 20 +yrs ac/chiller tech that has been told to me by doctors in paper work  and ssdi .shouldn't I get something for loss of trade . what about multiple surgerys -9  do they pay for suffering?. ive been told  by doctors that due too just the  ortho issues  and  neuropaphy issues I cant work at all  add the  mental issue that states I not mentaly fit for work  due to this accident and me trying too accept that I cannot work ac   let alone climb a mountain or hunt or skateboard like I did before this accident ill need prob more surgerys later    how will that be decided ? or is there a general rule ,or data they go by ?does the judge take care of this or what do  I need to know .
The average monthly wage is usually calculated on your earnings during the 30 days before your injury. there is a maximum weekly amount that varies with your injury date.

there are additional disability payments if you are left with some permanent disability. the duration of the payments is based on the extent of the disability and is measured by an impairment rating given by a physician. this is done when the doctor decides you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement.
payments are not based on surgeries or how much "suffering" you've had.
100% permanent disability is limited only to those who can never work at any job; most permanent disability is only partially disabling. all the disability determinations have to be supported by medical evidence and conform to the rating guidelines.

you can find out more about Arizona's work comp benefits from their website:
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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