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I know nothing about back injections...but it seems to me you have been given good advise. I also feel you need to stay the night if possible. If headaches could be a problem...you certainly don't want to get a roaring headache on a plane caused by pressure problems! You won't be able to get away from it to get relief!
I hope your injections go well, you feel no discomfort during the procedure, and you get sweet relief afterwards.
Prayers going up for you! Take care.
LillyBig Grin
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

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God be with you Sithie, and keep you safe. I hope this gives you some relief.

because she lives in the middle of nowhere while Gallup NM is only an hr away by car it is in a different state she lives in the 4 corners region....so denver is the closest big city in her state
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I just recently had an injection. Dr. instructions were not to drive and to rest for next 24 hours. Felt pretty good for first couple of hours and then felt some pain after. That is because of the numbing agent they put in it. Took several days for the injection to start helping. Was given an IV put under anesthesia for it and really did not feel much. I would contact the Dr. and discuss the issue of travel before hand.
Sithie - Red gave good advice about the wheelchair assistance. When I flew back to visit my dad the last tiem I had a quick layover in Dallas. I told the agent when I booked the flight that because of my injuries I was limping pretty badly and not sure I could make the connection in time. I also told them that assistance would save me a lot of unecessary pain...they were happy to provide this service at no extra charge. Even though hubby will be with you, if you can't get a room for the night please allow them to do this. Just let them know when you book the flight or if it has been booked already just call them back.

Just a thought here but you may be able to force the ins. company into getting you a room. I'm not sure the airline would want you flying the same day that you are having this procedure done. I would think a sudden shange in cabin pressure might have an affect, but then again maybe not. Of course this route could backfire on you and put off the procedure indefinitely so think about it if you decide to talk to the airline about it. (I hope I explained that okay) What do you guys think????
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I had my spinal epidural yesterday. I experienced numbing of my foot and leg and due to this was unstable on my feet when walking.

Also had problems with my blood pressure bottoming out after the procedure. Over-all the second procedure went much better then the first one.

Sithie, just remember medical complications do arise after a procedure.
I wouldn't think the facility would let you leave until you were stable.
Does the medical facility doing the procedure know you will be flying
after the procedure?

Have you posted on the Bonti forum to see what they say about you flying after a procedure like you will have?
No I haven't maybe I should, Ty for the idea, BK
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