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Work Comp Lien with Fradulent Amounts
Thanks for the response 1171

I have a request for copies of all of their bills and cancelled checks, and they state that they are "getting them together". I hope that it will be an easy process..... well maybe just a quick process will be good enough Smile.

If I have my lawyer subpoena the records, do they have a time frame which they have to get the records together by? I have a feeling that the insurance company is trying to "wait me out" to get me to just okay the amount that they are requesting.

My lawyer said that "we usually just take what they state as fact and everyone just signs off on the lien".

It pays to read each and every line and check them against your own records (in my case, it was as simple as checking the dates of service against my calander.

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RE: Work Comp Lien with Fradulent Amounts - samistheman - 06-17-2015, 02:15 PM

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