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Work Comp Lien with Fradulent Amounts
Hello all, thank you in advance for your help. I have found many answers on this board and you have helped me greatly in navigating the difficulties of workers comp.

I have an open comp case in NJ. I settled a 3rd party case for my injury and have a settlement. My work comp carrier has provided my lawyer with a lien sheet.

I went through the lien sheet and found MANY errors that were (not surprisingly) all in the carriers favor. I have started to collect information from doctors and facilities on what they requested for payment, and what the workmans comp carrier (who will remain nameless for now) actually paid. So far, I am over 11k in overcharges. I asked my lawyer to request all bills and receipts form the comp carrier for the lien, and they have been dragging this out for about 3 weeks so far. Some of the doctors offices that I have called have even told me that they got a call from the carrier for copies of the bills as well (I guess the carrier doesn't keep copies either electronic or hard copies).

So, my lawyer is kind of not putting any pressure on them as the settlement amounts are in an escrow account, so he knows that he will get paid (also, forgot to mention that my 3rd party lawyer is NOT the same as my WC lawyer). My question is, are there any laws that prevent the WC carrier from trying to charge fraudulent amounts? I called the state of NJ workman's comp fraud line, and they stated that they don't handle this (as it isn't an employee filing a fraudulent report). Is there anything that anyone can think of that I can do in this case? Any agencies that anyone can think of?

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Work Comp Lien with Fradulent Amounts - samistheman - 06-17-2015, 10:39 AM

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