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checking in
Its been a while since I had been on and thought I would check in and see what has been going on.. I can see I didn't miss much, other than our weird weather, we have had so much cold it has delayed a lot of flowering. Just yesterday we hit 26 , it just wont make up its mind...lol. Not much happening on my end except last week I took a fall. Our puggle (buster) wiped me out as I was hooking him up to his runner outside. I;m usually very careful when I let them out but I didn't realize my leg was tangled with his rope. He seen a golpher and ran after it and took me off my feet. I guess instinct kicked in as I tried to break my fall I reached down and thought I broke my wrist/forearm but just a bad sprain. Bruised from the elbow to the fingers, its slowly feeling better but cant even hold my coffee unles I wear my brace....

I hope everyone is doing good at least as best as can be.
sorry Bronco,my dogs take me down too.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Good to see you on the forum Bronco.

Sorry you are having a rough time.

We've and temps in the 50's here in Kansas which is very much not the norm.

It has gotten warmer with temps at 86 to day, still cool for Kansas.

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